How To Prepare for a Spray Tan

How To Prepare for a Spray Tan

Sunless, Inc. has revolutionized spray tanning technology to improve the way ingredients are absorbed into the skin. It’s really easy to get the best tan ever with little preparation!

For best results, we recommend shaving or waxing prior to your session to avoid stripping away your tan too early. The use of waxing products after spray tanning can remove the upper layer of your skin taking the tan with it.

It’s not required, but if you plan to exfoliate, you should do that before you tan to avoid removing your tan too early. Plus, using an exfoliating mitt prior to your spray tan will create a perfect blank canvas for your new tan!

On the day that you plan to spray tan, avoid the use of heavy lotions and moisturizers. They can cause the spray tan to not fully develop because the lotion creates a barrier to the skin. Try using our intensifying products instead which will prepare your skin for the ultimate perfect spray tan by balancing the skin’s pH levels and providing deeper results.

Once you're at the salon, make sure to remove jewelry, put on a hair net and footies and apply barrier cream before stepping in the booth. Salon staff will provide you with everything you need!

That’s it! You’re going to love your spray tan.