5 Beautiful Spray Tan Booth Tips for Busy Women

5 Beautiful Spray Tan Booth Tips for Busy Women

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Beauty is also deeper than what you see; it’s how you feel and your personality.

When it comes to exterior beauty, all women do something to accentuate it … whether it’s a skincare regimen, hair colour, manicures and pedicures, or even stepping into a spray tan booth. Women somehow keep up with their non-stop lifestyles and still maintain their beauty.

Women that spray tan say they feel a little bit healthier, skinnier and overall better when they have a spray tan. Keeping in mind women’s needs and schedules, we’ve mastered a beautiful spray tan. Here are 5 tips to make your spray tan booth experience work for you:

1. How to Prep?

You should exfoliate the day before. So, if you’ve scheduled your booth spray tan, you’ll be able to plan to exfoliate and shave. Make sure the day of your spray tan, you don’t put on your daily moisturizer; it could block the full tan development and results will not be as dark as expected.

2. What to Wear

Think simple and loose – it’s pretty easy. Whether it’s the weekend and you have sweats and a t-shirt or you’re going to or from work in a maxi skirt, keep clothing loose that day until you shower.

3. What to Expect (privacy, length of time, costs, etc.)

A spray tan in an automated spray booth takes only three minutes. Or, if you assume undressing and redressing, you’ll spend no more than 15 minutes from the moment you walk into the room until you leave the salon. Costs vary based on salon and location, but go online first and see if the salon has any coupons or promotions available. In a Mystic Tan and VersaSpa automated spray booth, your privacy is 100%, as the booth is in a room.

4. Options to Choose (Perfector, Moisturizer, Bronzers)

The first option to choose from is Perfector. Perfector is an add-on service that is applied during your spray tan session. Perfector balances your skin’s pH level and conditions the skin to accelerate development time and intensifies the tanning results.

    • pH skin balancer for deeper, darker and more even tanning results
    • Noticeable tanning results in as little as two hours
    • Secondly, you will choose how dark you want your tan. You have a choice between light, medium or darker results.

Last, but very important, is the addition of Moisturizer. Add-on the Moisturizing service, during your spray tan session, for immediate hydration that will extend and protect your tan. Moisturizing is key to having a long-lasting tan that will not fade too quickly.

5. Where to find Spray Tanning

Now that you know how easy a spray tan is, you can find a location near you. Visit to find an automated spray tanning booth near you. No matter how busy you are, you want to always feel and look your best. You enjoy accentuating your natural beauty with a beautiful spray tan. In the bustle of life, it’s always important to make time for yourself and maintain your beauty and skincare regimen.